Christian Alternatives To Yoga

How to derive the benefits of body movement in trauma without the harmful and idolatrous practices of yoga

4/20/20232 min read

woman in white tank top and panty
woman in white tank top and panty

Yoga has become quite an essential in the health and wellness world, it is a spiritual practice that raises specific spiritual questions and concerns. While yoga is often seen as an excellent way to reduce stress, improve flexibility, and build strength, the practice introduces many harmful effects into the lives of believers.

Here are some Christian alternatives to yoga that you might consider: Note Zion Willingham nor any member of Sanctuary Prayer Ministries can offer any guarantees of success in these programs. They are not affiliate with our ministry in any way and therefore proceed at your own risk, with all things pray first!

1. PraiseMoves

PraiseMoves is a Christ-centered fitness program that uses stretches, postures, and movements inspired by the Bible, combined with uplifting worship music. Unlike yoga, which has Hindu roots, PraiseMoves focuses on physical fitness, strength, and flexibility as well as imparting spiritual teachings through various bible verses and devotionals. The program was founded by Laurette Willis, a certified fitness trainer and ministry leader who created the program, in 2001.

2. Holy Yoga

Holy Yoga turns the traditional yoga practice into a spiritual practice, with a focus on the Word of God, in combination with yoga postures. This practice combines the benefits of yoga with spiritual meditation, prayer, and worship, making it an excellent choice for Christians who want to connect with God while getting their workout.

3. Totally Unique Fitness (TUF)

Totally Unique Fitness (TUF) is a Christian fitness program that combines cardio, dance, and strength training exercises, along with insightful biblical teachings. TUF is designed to cater to all ages and fitness levels, making it an inclusive yet engaging workout routine that can be done in the comfort of your home or participating in a class.

4. Wholy Fit

Wholy Fit is a Christ-centered fitness program that combines Pilates, strength training, and stretching, along with scripture memorization and meditation tips. This is a gentle workout that is perfect for those looking to improve flexibility, strength, and balance without intense physical exertion. Wholy Fit has various levels with modifications for beginners and advanced practitioners.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a Christ-centered fitness practice to incorporate into your wellness routine, you can explore these Yoga alternatives mentioned above. While yoga is a well-established and well-loved practice, it may not be the best fit for everyone, particularly those seeking to deepen their Christian practices. Ultimately, whichever faith-based fitness practice you choose, remember to focus on your spiritual and physical health, and enjoy your journey towards a healthy and happy life